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Webpage Layout
You can choose between HTML only website that can be hosted in your ISP supplied domain name, great for personal homepages, or you can opt for a PHP enabled website that can contain any or all of the following services to give your business the edge over your competitors:

On-Line Product or Collection Listing - If you're an avid collector and would like to keep track of your collection then there's no better way than to have your own catalogue on your site, you can also store your products online if you need to display a product list to your customers, these pages can also be protected by passwords for security.

BLOG - You can integrate a BLOG into your website to share your news, comments, or diary entries with other web users. For business sites a BLOG is an ideal way of keeping track of visitors to your site which can also be updated with the latest news, highlight/promote lists of upcoming events, or comments from customers.

Event Calendar - Whether you have a non-profit web community, a personal site or an ecommerce web site, your integrated CALENDAR will extend your online planning and communication, the calendar can be updated from any computer via a secure login page.

Pod Casting - Is about creating content (audio/video) for an audience that wants to listen or watch when they want, where they want, and how they want. They audio/video can be downloaded and played back on any mobile device like an ipod or on a personal computer.

MP3 Music Website - If you're a musician or a member of a band or even a fan, you could have a website with a single web player or multiple MP3 web players which will allow your visitors to listen to your music and maybe you can even sell your creations via your online shop.

Subscription Newsletters - You can manage your subscriptions, add or delete email addresses and send your subscribers an online newsletter. An excelent tool to keep your customers informed of latest developments, important news.

Flash Based Polls - You can run your own poll with a nice flash interface, with 3D Bar Graph and Pie Chart Statistics to make your web site interactive.

Online Photo or Video Gallery - All your wedding or holiday moments can be uploaded to allow your family or friends to relive your precious moments. These pages can be password protected for security.

Content Management Systems - is a web based database system used for content management. This includes computer files, image media, audio files, electronic documents and web content including shopping cart systems..

Nowadays online shopping has become a multimillion dollar industry. You can now join in on the ride, people are selling everything on the internet from computers and books to flowers and vitamins. With my PayPal or WorldPay enabled shop you can be assured that the visitors to your shop can spend their dollars in complete security. If you prefer you can also have an email order system that allows you to contact your customer about the details of the product and/or service they ordered.

Web Graphics and Logo Design
We use the latest graphic software like Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro to create the graphics for our websites. We also create Flash banner animations using the latest Flash applications, we can also create your company logo in your prefered colours.

Website Redesign and Upgrades
If you currently have a website that's become a little outdated in it's design and content, we can help with a redesign that freshens up your companies image.
Sometimes you may not know what you want different on your website, we can provide several different designs to help you with some creative ideas to set you in the right direction.

Webpage Layout
e-Commerce Shopping Site 
Web Graphics and logo Design
Website Re-design and Upgrades 
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